Fund managers

Fund managers

  • EPICo is a unique Belgian-Dutch collaboration based on a long standing relationship between ParticipatieMaatschappij Vlaanderen (PMV) and Rebel.
    • The fund managers have managed successfully bidding for Benelux PPP infrastructure projects such as the A16 motorway, Afsluitdijk, A6 motorway, Eefde lock and the Beatrix lock
    • Both PMV and Rebel have a deep rooted knowledge of the renewable market through investments in offshore and onshore wind, solar and biomass installations
  • Both PMV and Rebel rely on strong teams which oversee the Benelux market through offices in Brussels, Rotterdam and Antwerp.
  • They have invested in building strong relationships with all stakeholders in the infrastructure market. They come with the ambition to provide added value and human capital throughout the several stages of developing the assets:
    • Providing competences and capacity throughout the tender process such as setting up the SPC team, advising on and implementing the bid strategy and planning, and writing risk management plans.
    • Bringing the project to contract close and financial close.
    • Acting as an asset manager in good relationship with the public sector client, EPC and MTC contractors during the asset’s life cycle.

Mark Hillewaere (PMV)

Mark has a financial background having spent 15 years in the financial sector in various positions and corporate banking sectors. He was involved in a number of IPO’s and fund raisings of Belgian companies and as a lead banker in one of the largest PPP’s in Belgium as well as local real estate and infrastructure transactions.

Within PMV Mark has been managing PMF Infrastructure Fund since the early start and lead together with the team PMF into a well-balanced and fully invested fund and is equally committed to the success of EPICo.

Mark holds a degree in Law and an MBA from the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven and LL.M degree of the University of Stellenbosch.

Jeroen in ‘t Veld (Rebel)

Jeroen in ‘t Veld has a strong practical background in the economics and strategy formulation of concessions, public-private partnerships, privatizations and regulation in transport and infrastructure. In 1997 and 1998 he was the initiator and team manager of a PPP unit at the Ministry of Finance in the Netherlands, responsible for introducing PPPs in the Netherlands. This experience provided him with both practical knowledge of introducing PPPs on a project level, as well as strategic insight into how to manage the change of a public sector activity into a private sector service offer. Jeroen has also been an economic advisor to the Dutch Minister of Finance on privatization and liberalization. This has provided him with wide experience in the design of reform strategies for a number of service sectors, such as public transport, fuel-distribution, water supply, telecoms and other network related industries.

Since then, Jeroen has worked as a financial advisor on numerous projects related to introducing the private sector into sectors/projects that previously were undertaken by government, both in the Netherlands as well as abroad. As such he has gained ample experience in commercial and financial structuring of projects, project management of complex and strategic advisory roles on politically sensitive infrastructure and public service delivery projects.

Werner Decrem (PMV)

Werner Decrem is group manager infrastructure and real estate at PMV. Werner joined PMV in 2002. Since then he was responsible for all project-related investment activities such as PPP’s, renewable energy, public real estate and urban regeneration projects. Werner has gained ample experience in structuring partnerships and financing complex projects. He advised the Flemish government for several large scale investment programs and built up a team with an excellent track record as professional investor and fund manager in the area of infrastructure and real estate.

As member of the PMV Group Management Committee, Werner is also strongly involved in the policy and general management of the PMV-group.

Wouter Everaert (PMV)

As Business Unit Manager Infrastructure at Participatiemaatschappij Vlaanderen, Wouter Everaert has a solid experience in initiating, structuring and managing Flemish PPP and infrastructure transactions, thereby both advising the Flemish Government and private partners.
Being a key member of PMF Infrastructure Fund, he was involved in bidding on, investing in and arranging the financing package of Benelux PPP and renewables transactions and managing those assets, both actively as key management member and more remote as director of several project companies. In the capacity of director of Gigarant NV, Wouter is also implicated in providing government guarantees to Flemish corporates, including corporate restructurings and supporting M&A transactions. As director of the Belgian federal investment company (FPIM), Wouter also takes a broader view on Belgian start-ups, corporates and financial institutions.

Prior to joining PMV, Wouter held several management positions with one of the major Belgian banks. Wouter holds degrees in commercial engineering at Antwerp University and holds a MSc in Economics and Finance of Warwick Business School. Wouter is a CFA® charterholder.

Wout Korving (Rebel)

Wout Korving has a background in both business economics and general economics and has a great deal of experience with projects in sectors ranging from infrastructure, area development, healthcare and education. These are exactly the sectors where public authorities and businesses meet. Wout likes to be involved in such diverse fields as deal making, project finance and financial analysis. He likes a challenge, especially if it involves the development of innovative structures and processes.

Steven Steppe (Rebel)

Steven Steppe is director at Rebel (Belgian office). He has over 15 years of experience in public-private partnerships, project financing and project management. Steven holds a master degree in Applied Economics and in Taxation Law. He is fluent in Dutch, English, French and Spanish.

Before joining Rebel, he worked – from the start in 2002 – for the ‘Flemish PPP Expertise Centre’ as PPP advisor. He was responsible for the introduction of a PPP policy and PPP projects in Flanders. Steven advised on the identification and structuring of PPP projects, on process and project management issues, project financing and other specific PPP aspects.

At Rebel, Steven has worked as a financial advisor on numerous projects related to introducing PPPs (or at least more private sector involvement) in Belgium and abroad. As such he gained ample experience in legal and financial structuring of (PPP) projects in a wide range of sectors (e.g. transport & social infrastructure and renewable energy), both working for the public and the private sector.

Steven is also a regular speaker at PPP conferences and trainings on an (inter)national level. Recently he has worked on projects and capacity building missions in Belgium, Netherlands, Gambia, Cameroun and Paraguay.