Financing sustainable infrastructure through combined experience

Q&A with two of the fund managers

“By teaming up we are able to accelerate project development”

How did the idea originate to establish a jointly fund?

"In today’s world, having sufficient knowledge and access to projects is vital to investors. EPICo brings us – as Flemish investment agency PMV and an independent Dutch consultancy and investment company Rebel – together in a jointly fund with which we are equipped to do both. Moreover, the fund represents a brand new and valuable co-operation between Belgium and the Netherlands."

What type of projects you want to develop within EPICo?

""EPICo focusses amongst others on public-private partnership projects (PPPs) such as road building, gymnasiums, public infrastructure and renewable energy. These are mostly long-term projects with a duration of about 30 years. After all, the investors committed to the fund prefer stable and long-term returns over maximum returns. We are currently researching several investment projects."

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Who are we EPICo or European Projects Investment Company, created in February 2017 is an independent Benelux infrastructure fund which has gained institutional investor support to invest up to 120 million euro in the Eurozone area. Current investments include amongst others stakes in the A16 PPP, the Afsluitdijk PPP, AWT Ghent and a local school project. EPICo is currently open for investors.

EPICo collaborates with two experienced infrastructure managers: Participatie-Maatschappij Vlaanderen (PMV) and Rebel. Both managers have an extensive track record in the infrastructure business and are today active players in the Benelux, supporting economic activity where public and private sector activities tie together.
    Two of the fund managers
  • Luc van Rooijen

    Luc van Rooijen

  • Jeroen in 't Veld