EPICo is set-up as a closed end fund with an investment period until February 2023 (+one year extension possible).

EPICo maintains a buy and hold strategy: the assets are held until the end of the useful life of the asset or as the case may be the end of the project’s life.

EPICo’s investment strategy encompasses following characteristics, aiming at offering sustainable growth perspectives both on the investor-side as for society:

Stable cash flows
Long-term stable cash flows
Predictable low volatility returns
Resilient project structures
Creditworthy nature of counterparties:
Appropriate pass-down of project related risks
Solid risk return profile
Attractive returns relative to the asset risk profile
Opportunities for value enhancement
Strong performance over economic cycles
Low exposure to changes in the economic cycle
Low correlation to some other traditional assets

Investment focus

EPICo focusses on assets, capital driven enterprises or projects which render essential services on a long term basis, based on regulated income streams or long term fixed cash flows.

  • Transport infrastructure:
    • Roads
    • Railways
    • Waterways
    • Logistic terminals
    • (Air)ports
  • Energy production and distribution:
    • Onshore and offshore wind
    • Solar
    • Biomass
    • Geothermal energy and heated water networks
  • Private infrastructure
  • Communication networks
  • Accommodation (care, education facilities, prisons, government buildings)

Risk & return

  • EPICo is looking for solid steady cash flows with a low risk profile.
  • Each investment will be subject to a two-tier investment process which aims to ensure the risk profile as well as a solid investor return.
  • EPICo’s investment process aims at mitigating risk measures through structuring. Each investment will be subject to a due diligence on legal, fiscal, operational, financial and technical matters. Such a due diligence allows EPICo to assess the risk return profile of each asset.

Sample project portfolio

  • EPICo’s portolio today consists of a number of PPP and renewable projects.
  • The aim is to build a well balanced portfolio which will consist of 10 to 20 investments.
  • However, EPICo has no hard minimum threshold.
  • Which will predominantly be situated in the Benelux.
  • Based on a portfolio ranging between 100 and 150 million euro.